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Test Yourself for Food Sensitivities

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    Energy Medicine food testing is a fairly easy and simple way to test for food sensitivities which you’ll discover how to do yourself efficiently.
    There exist several different ways you are able to conduct Energy Medicine Australia medicine food testing. The most common strategy is the Kinesiology ‘shoulder test’. As this test needs someone to stay at home front of you to handle test along with you, it is not suitable for you to do by yourself, but there are additional ways you can test when you’re by yourself that happen to be less popular but equally as effective.
    My favourite energy medicine self test is known as the Stick Test. Here are the instructions;
    1) Centre yourself and take a deep breath and relax. Now rub the pads of your respective index finger and thumb together, lightly and with no pressure and discover how it feels.
    2) Now go through the sky and say it’s opposite colour, i.e. «the Sky is black’ when it is really blue and observe what happens. Do your fingers slide together more easily, or do they now feel a bit more ‘sticky’? Repeat action while using correct colour in the Sky and find out happens.
    3) If you feel a marked difference in your fingers, than the is a good test to suit your needs. It is so simple and unobtrusive and can be completed anywhere. The usual rule is if sliding is straightforward, that indicates that your body will accept the meals. A feeling of more friction, some sort of ‘stickiness’ indicates a bad result understanding that your system may not tolerate that food in those days.
    This is a superb test to transport when shopping for foods inside the supermarket or when attempting to determine what to have for your dinner.
    You can observe a demonstration with this test by Madison King inside the Energy Medicine Video on YouTube.

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