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Qi Revolution — A Great Way to Learn Qigong and a Great Source of CEUs For.

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    Qigong, an old Eastern practice, is often a moving meditation. Tai Chi is the most well-known type of Qigong. Certainly today most everyone understands someone who has done Tai Chi or has seen someone doing Tai Chi in a very public park or on the beach. All varieties of Qigong are wonderful for stress reduction, prevention of illness, and then for coping with chronic illness. It increases balance, strength, stamina and breath awareness. It can conveniently be practiced anywhere and anytime. Mind-body practices such as this are really essential to sustain and enhance the health of your respective defense mechanisms, nervous system, internal organs, and to handle stress. These days stress and stress related illnesses the best reason for all visits towards the doctor.
    An organization in Florida (to which I have no affiliation besides having been sufficiently fortunate to get spend more time them) called Qi Revolution can be a wonderful force inside advancement of comprehension of energy medicine and the ancient Eastern traditions of Qigong. Run by Qigong Master Jeff Primack, this not-for-profit organization holds large 4-day Qi Revolution events around the country.
    The events are educational, fun, spiritual and enlightening yet are VERY affordable. Qi Revolution is accredited by a number of regulatory and governing bodies when it comes to physicians and the entire body workers so they have the ability to offer Continuing Education Units required for licensing in numerous states.
    The events cover a fascinating range of topics and experiences in the 4 days including nutrition, energy science, spirituality, meditation, food healing and music. Jeff retreats into great depth in a very presentation on nutrition and his thoughts and views about the subject and even makes smoothies for anyone to sample.
    The goal of Qi Revolution is usually to teach and employ the 3 Qi Gong levels where you can good comprehension of energy and just how it affects our health and wellness and lives. Advanced techniques like Qigong walking may also be taught. Qigong walking is really a practice I find extremely helpful for increasing and my very own Energy Medicine Australia and health insurance something I do virtually every day. There is also instruction and exercise of meditation and pranayama (various types of yogic breathing) techniques.
    The event is long, you obtain much more than your moneys worth. It can be a little intense and tiring however when you leave, you go back into the world with such a greater energy and awareness along with the abilities to retain them, that it can improve your life in the most wonderful way.

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