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MRS 2000 Reviews — 6 Tips You Need to Know

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    4 years agoMagnetic Resonance Stimulation (MRS) Therapy is a whole new way of alternative therapy that is research tested by NASA as well as over 1000 double blind studies. Here are just a number of the benefits that have been researched:
    Helps to Alleviate Pain
    Promotes Deep Sleep
    Improved Circulation
    Improves Mental Function
    Increases Energy Medicine Australia Levels
    Boosts Your Immune System
    Increases Your Bone Density
    And More…
    The MRS 2000 is utilized by over 500,000 people and 5000 athletes in Europe and currently there are several Athletes and celebrities utilizing it like Shaquille O’Neal, Terrell Owens, Lance Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, Roger Moore and many others. But Before You Purchase a Magnetic Resonance Device, Here are 6 Tips You Need to Know:
    Tip #1: Try to find a tool with frequencies which might be near nature. The best frequency range is between.5 and 25 Hz. Nature produces pulsed magnetic frequencies within this range (ie, Schumann frequncies, 7.83, 14.2 Hz, and the polar frequencies 11.2 Hz). Further studies show that brain wave patterns are within this range from low delta to high beta.
    Tip#2:: Make sure the MRS device uses intensities within Nature’s limits also. The earth’s natural intensities are between roughly 25 and 66 uT through the equator for the poles with the average close to 50 uT (uT = microtesla). This is the intensity range planet earth provides plus what our cells require. Here, more is just not better; in fact less is a lot more.
    Tip#3: It is also critical that the MRS machine changes polarity every couple minutes, otherwise an individual can be acclimated to the signal.
    Tip#4: Make sure the PEMF therapy machine you buy includes a good warranty. Look for no less than 36 months.
    Tip#5: Also ensure the applicators with the PEMF machine utilize the NASA proven square wave otherwise the outcomes you get will likely be limited (just the MRS 2000 uses the NASA proven square wave for the applicators.
    Tip#6: Try to find a tool with Biorhythm Clock so you will get the proper frequency finest period. For example you wish to be energized in the morning and relaxed and sleepy all-around bed.

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