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Energy Medicine the Pain Reliever

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    We have talked with a lot of people who have done treatments with practitioners who appear at first sight using Energy Medicine Australia Medicine because the focus of their practice, yet additionally, they state they aren’t using Energy Psychology of their therapy work. The question we’ve got to ask is; how is he choosing the base cause along with the core issues in the malfunctions within the body they are looking to clear? If you do not work with a system such as Kinesiology, you need to what made the dysfunctional behavior along with the program that’s driving it and just how do you release it? The practitioners I discussed this with assumed you simply obtain the pain the place that the client indicates it can be located and release it using massage, physical therapy, trigger points, and lots of other styles of therapy such acupressure, acupuncture, Rolfing and other hands on processes etc…. What I planned to know was what are they releasing and should it clear it permanently. Not one therapist had any validation and documentation which proved they are able to move through double blind studies and acquire the same results whenever. This frustrated me because I could not locate one therapist or doctor who could relieve my pain in order that it was totally gone forever. I wanted it gone yesterday though the pain continued to return each time for twenty five years. It frustrated and stumped every practitioner who caused me.
    When we encountered a traumatic or threatening situation we might escape in to a an illusion to shield ourselves. This illusion was magical child which caused us to trust we were safe. What we did was bury and stuff our perspective of denial files and then we was without to consider the pain sensation from the situation. By doing this our mind created an illusion that erased the feeling and proceeded to setup a new operating-system which activated auto pilot. This build Conscious Controlling mind that is Auto Pilot to adopt charge of our mind. In most people this operating system continues to be in control of the mind the total amount of the life. I was asked more often than not that which was I searching for? I planned to know why the average person was can not make effective decisions of their life and exactly why do people withdraw with illnesses and diseases. My feeling was these causes were connected.
    In my research I found a very organized system within the mind. When I made the claim that Ego isn’t enemy, I ran straight into interference from those who were sure I was wrong. What I had discovered was Ego could be the file manager. It only transfers information between middle Self and Subconscious mind. I was finally able to find the order where information was developed, handled and stored. This answered the question as to why everyone has conflicts, problems and challenges in their life. It became clear to me the main reason behind problems and conflicts inside our life was fear and the way we perceived this fear. Most of it were only available in childhood.
    The second step was how would you control and clear the fear? How should it get going and what hatches it. The further I went back in a very persons life I found some of it started when we had been in utero before we had arrived even born. The majority in the fear was established inside first four years of our life. When we had arrived born we knew what are the nine qualities of unconditional love were.
    Self esteem, self worth, and confidence were intact and functional. We ran right in a barrier once we began to ask our mother to offer us the unconditional love which we knew we had been permitted. We assumed she knew what it was because we had it clearly inside our mind. Since she did not know very well what we were asking for nor did she have the ability to provide us unconditional love we assumed there has to be something wrong. At first we’re able to not realise why i was being denied love and recognition. therefore we pushed tougher for the acceptance and recognition. We assumed we should be receiving love and acceptance from mother and then we pushed her even more. We finally found an impasse when she started using her basic training from her mother. The only method she knew was the existing dysfunctional parenting program of control, authority, manipulation and compliance. She expected us to comprehend she wanted us to abide by her orders and mind her. Unfortunately we did not understand her language nor could she understand our needs or what we had arrived hoping to get across to her. We decided she was refusing to present us love and recognition because she became irritated and did start to discipline us as a result of her frustration at the inability control our acting out. At this point we decided we better down again. The unfortunate situation could be the more we reject ourselves and feel we are really not all right we start to set up seeds within our mind which eventually become points of pain within the cellular memory inside our muscles. These seeds will also create weakness in several muscles throughout our own bodies.
    By the time we had been four we did not know exactly what the nine qualities of unconditional love were. Our self-confidence, self worth and self esteem were being destroyed and written over with programs developed by our perception of the fact that was happening to us. We went into self rejection telling ourselves we aren’t alright, mother won’t mind for individuals as well as as far as feeling mother doesn’t love us. She would not treat us in this way if she loved us. We decided love must be indifference. These are the feelings that induce every one of the basic dysfunctional behavior in kids. Of course you will find the exceptions to this situation that seem to have success against all odds, but they are the exceptions. As a footnote: we simply cannot blame mother for happened. She did the top she could underneath the situation and circumstances she had to handle. In fact, some moms and dads are able to break with the cycle of dysfunctional parenting programs using their childhood and turn into effective parents. These parents are inside the minority but their numbers are increasing yearly.
    All conflicts, dysfunctions and breakdown begin inside the mind. When the seeds that create the dysfunction start to sprout if we are adults linked with emotions . cause pain in your muscles. We set you back one’s body mechanic thinking they might remedy it only to find out this fix is simply temporary as the pain sensation returns. The reason pain manifests inside our body’s that all negative experience enters as a belief. If the belief is acted upon numerous times it’ll deposit in the acupuncture point. When it’s first deposited it may cause stiffness. The longer it can be there as well as going through the experiences and feelings repeatedly it is going to commence to tighten the muscles to the stage they start putting pressure on the nerve that will cause continual pain. Many times this can be diagnosed as Fibromyalegia. This can be taken off the cellular memory with all the Energy Medicine system. If our mind is strong and now we know just what the
    nine qualities of unconditional love are, our self esteem, self worth and self esteem are intact, this will likely not happen. We will go through and describe the strategy with all the Energy Medicine system in article three to show you how you can solve all malfunctions and conflicts, and we all could possibly get back in relation to peace, happiness, harmony, joy, unconditional love and acceptance. We will describe the strategy and also the system to fix these conflicts in the article number 3.

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